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Ella's Final Update From Ukraine

Ella Bewsey 21 Sep 2016

I have been intending to write this blog for MONTHS but every time I do something seems to shift in my life so I have to wait for it to be resolved before I can write with any certainty! So alas, here I am writing with the most certainty I can muster. I guess it makes sense to start with the headlines,…

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News from Vancouver

Andy and Sue Watkins 9 Jan 2015

Well…… It’s been a little while since we have sent you an update to our lives here in British Columbia, so I thought I would send one of those news letter thingies to let you know that we are still very much alive and you guys are very much in our thoughts. It’s been a little over 2 years since we sailed,…

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Ella in Ukraine

Miles Jarvis 18 Nov 2014

As many Citygaters will be aware, Ella Bewsey is now living in Ukraine...having had a heart for the country for many years, and after many visits over many years, Ella took the plunge and moved from Bournemouth in September! While greatly missed here, she is doing brilliantly and settling in well -…

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Joe Miles - November 2013

25 Nov 2013

Joe Miles - Christians Against Poverty In this post, Joe introduces the work he is currently serving in with Christians Against Poverty... Hi my name is Joe and I am currently doing the reach internship with Christians Against Poverty up in Bradford. The internship lasts for a whole year from…

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Report - Iberian Peninsula Conference in Porto 2013

Yolanda Studer 24 Apr 2013

The whole conference was a great experience for me. I had such an exiting time and really enjoyed myself. People from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Guinea Bissau and the UK came together as one body of Christ to celebrate what God has done in the last couple of years - and all standing together as one in…

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David and Pearl update February 2013

21 Feb 2013

Update - UK Traveller Tales Well laden with excess baggage, we took our leave of Zimbabwe on 17th January and arrived early morning at Heathrow airport to a chilly morning and driving back along the M3 motorway to Southampton an ever deepening amount of snow laying on the verges and the road. We…

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Jimmy's wedding - December 2012

Miles Jarvis 8 Jan 2013

Last month Jim Salway and I travelled to South Sudan for the wedding of Jimmy and Joyce. As we have been praying for a wife for Jimmy since 1999 we were delighted to be able to go and celebrate with him! It was worth the many many hours spent bouncing around in the back of a jeep (3 days overland…

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David and Pearl - Oct 2012

David & Pearl Pride 17 Oct 2012

There and back again..... arriving back in UK mid May to a heatwave and beach weather to arriving back in Zimbabwe mid July to the dry season; final stages of winter; and wood fires. In between we enjoyed lots of special times with our family and friends; the excitement of the Queens DiamondJubilee Celebrations;…

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David & Pearl - May 2012

David & Pearl 16 May 2012

New year - new opportunities. Although only a few weeks into this New Year, much busyness and to-ing and fro-ing is happening in our lives and those involved with Foundations for Farming. A wonderful 2 weeks visit from Justyn, Josie, Reuben & Isaac mid January gave us much joy at being…

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Sittinan - Myanmar November 2011

Sittinan Liankatawa 30 Nov 2011

I recently had the opportunity to go out to Myanmar with a Christian charity I am involved with called Orphan's tear UK. They provide support for established Christian orphanages through monthly child sponsorship and donations for many different needs as they occur. The main objectives of…

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David & Pearl - October 2011

David & Pearl 3 Oct 2011

After what seemed a very short time in the UK, here's some of our doings here in Zim since we've been back. Probably number 1 event was leaving the Immigration Department the day after we arrived with a Temporary Work Permit lasting to August 2013. Thank you for praying. Probably first repair…

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Steve & Beth Deveraj - July 2011

Steve & Beth Deveraj 4 Jul 2011

Dear Friends, Where do we begin? It has been such a long time since we sent out a newsletter that I guess firstly an apology is due!A while ago we had little (if any) internet connection and so sending out a letter was impossible. Since then it has taken long time to shift the gear and get into…

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David & Pearl - June 2011

David & Pearl 2 Jun 2011

These last few weeks seem to have flown by with a fair sprinkling of special days such as Independence Day (from the UK), and Africa Unity Day as well as Easter and May Day. We managed to join with the millions watching THE wedding of the year which made us feel quite homesick, and one of the local…

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David & Pearl - April 2011

David & Pearl 4 Apr 2011

These past few weeks have been exceptionally busy for the both of us, so we took time out for a couple of days away enjoying total peace and quiet at a lodge by the side of a dam. Bliss. Miles (from our home church) and Mark (from India) were our first guests at the cottage staying with us for…

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Zimbabwe Report - Feb/Mar 2011

Miles Jarvis 2 Mar 2011

Many of members of Citygate will know of our increasing involvement in India through Guy Miller and the Newfrontiers churches there. As the churches there grow and continue to plant more churches out into rural areas, the Biblical mandate to "remember the poor" (Galatians 2 v10). As a church we believe…

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David & Pearl - January 2011

David & Pearl 3 Jan 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR Before we start this latest newsletter we would like to wish all of you a really blessed new year. We pray that God may grant you the desires of your heart and that great new chapters may unfold for you in 2011 The New Year started off with a bang (literally!) with plenty…

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Luke Watkins Mexico Lifechange team - 2010

Luke Watkins 29 Dec 2010

We were greeted at the airport on Easter Sunday after more unscheduled delays, by Doug bell. Doug is based out of the church in Guadalajara called El Camino, and was the person who had organised our busy schedule for the next two weeks. The first few days we were based in La Severiana, which…

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Love India Report - December 2010

Miles Jarvis 1 Dec 2010

LoveIndia 2010 was a short term mission trip organised from Citygate church in November 2010. The purpose of the trip was to take a team to India for two weeks to experience cross cultural mission, to spend time in a local church, and to see what God is doing through Newfrontiers India. The…

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Guy & Heather - November 2010

Heather Miller 17 Nov 2010

Guy and I are recently back from our visit to Mumbai India. We arrived on the 30th October in the very early morning and were taken by taxi through pretty quiet by Mumbai standards, streets to Borivili in the north of the city. Passing through large gates protected by dogs and a night watchman…

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David & Pearl - November 2010

David & Pearl 1 Nov 2010

To you all, Just a brief 5 week summer visit back to Bournemouth & Dublin to enjoy a wonderful catch up time and it seemed in no time we were back here in Zim, and into the second year of our 2 year temporary work permit. Coming back to our lovely cottage was a great joy and some special friends…

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David & Pearl - July 2010

David & Pearl 21 Jul 2010

Hi everyone, Still a work in progress but we're finally living in the cottage! Such a joy and a blessing. O'Malley the cat keeps us company and the rats away, so it really feels like home. Situated where we are on the edge of a walkway, it's great to be able to greet and chat to our near neighbours…

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David & Pearl - June 2010

David & Pearl 1 Jun 2010

Mozambique Special Dear friends, Bom Dia! Como Esta? This is how we were greeted each morning and soon were able to greet and return a greeting in Portuguese to our workmates and friends at Novos Horizontes, Nampula, in the north of Mozambique. We even managed to add to our vocabulary during…

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David & Pearl - April 2010

David & Pearl 2 Apr 2010

Dear friends, This is a quick update newsletter before we go on a 21-day trip to Nampula. Mozambique tomorrow, It's a two day car trip on widely diverse terrain and roads. An adventure! The transformation in Scott & Claire's house since David was in Nampula at the end of February is amazing,…

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David & Pearl - February 2010

David & Pearl 2 Feb 2010

Dear friends, We've been trying to think how we spent our time over the past few weeks since the new year began and realise that life is busy. It seems strange that we can say, "when we are home later on this year" looking at being back in the UK for 4 or 5 weeks from mid July. It gives us something…

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Andre & Lucy - January 2010

Andre & Lucy 4 Jan 2010

The year will also be remembered by everyone here in Penafiel as the year we moved into our new premises. God's faithfulness is amazing and He really has exceeded our expectations providing us with fantastic facilities that have opened up so many new opportunities to reach out to people and serve…

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David & Pearl - December 2009

David & Pearl 1 Dec 2009

Sitting here with rain pouring down and thunder disturbing the peace outside, you know that this is the time to sow! Wherever you go there are people carrying budsers (like an English hoe only much larger) and carrying maize seeds to their plots. We all enjoyed celebrating our twins, Washi…

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David & Pearl - October 2009

David & Pearl 10 Oct 2009

Welcome to a new season of Travellers Tales from the Prides in Zimbabwe. We've arrived back and are now bona fide residents and volunteer workers of this wonderful country. The Jacaranda Trees were full of blossom when we arrived, Megavision, the Newfrontiers Zim leaders conference was also…

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David & Pearl - August 2009

David & Pearl 1 Aug 2009

Dear all, Since arriving back here in the UK in June, this seems to be the time to catch up with our news over what has been momentous days in the life of our family. Coming home full of expectations of visiting friends, family, and having days out, care of our bus passes, and enjoying…

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David & Pearl - June 2009

David & Pearl 1 Jun 2009

Dear all, A great journey back from SA through the borders was achieved in, for us, record time and with much joy. A 30 day visa was stamped on our passport (which has now expired) and a further 30 days received since then. The Easter period now seems a long way off, but actually was a very…

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