REVIVE are socials designed to bring us together. Rise up. Get Social.

The grand plan.......“Reaching a generation of twenties and thirties we want to see lives radically transformed and Jesus Christ glorified as we share the gospel in the nation. We passionately serve, build and grow together on mission for Jesus: reviving our workplaces, families and friends.”

Revive Collage

Who are we for?

We create ad-hoc social networking opportunity for 20's and 30's, helping us all find our place within the Citygate community and build authentic relationship with those around us. We believe that together we are stronger. We love creating social opportunities for couples, singles, parents and anyone in their 20's and 30's - REVIVE is a place to socialise and make new friends along the way.

What do we do?

We're all about socialising! We are not a community group but instead we get together to socialise, network, go on weekends away - and generally have a good time! If you're new, it's the perfect way to meet friendly twenties and thirties, expand your friendships and find new ways to get connected for relational mission.

Some things we do (and have planned!):

  • Cheese and wine tasting nights 
  • Local food and drink festivals
  • Beach BBQ's
  • Eating out
  • Christmas drinks parties
  • Pub quiz's and country walks


If you'd like to know more check out facebook for events or message Becky Wells for all the latest social news. We look forward to getting connected!