24-7 Prayer


Starting 25th March - 1st April we will spend an entire week in 24/7 prayer, with one hour timeslots for everyone to fill in our dedicated Prayer Room as we make a priority of prayer and being in God's presence in 2018.

We are really keen to encourage everyone to join us for at least one hour of the 24/7 prayer. Developing and strengthening our individual and together prayer life is one of the key priorities for us this year and the creative prayer space is a great way to help us.

Whether you book a prayer slot on your own, in twos and threes, small groups or as families with your children you will be part of a continuous wave of prayer every hour covering our community and beyond for this week.

It's really exciting that this is part of a global 24/7 prayer move; come with an expectant heart as we long to see God move in power with lives transformed in Bournemouth and across the world!

Included in this will be an all-together United Prayer slot for everyone to come together and pray as one:

  • United Prayer: Easter - Thurs 29th March, 7:30pm.

We've tried to answer any questions you may have in the FAQ section below.

Book your one hour Prayer Room slots here:

24/7 Prayer FAQ

Thank you for committing to the 24/7 week of prayer at Citygate - we are very much anticipating how God will move through the week and impact on Citygate mission going forward.

I’ve left it too late and all the slots are booked!
We are having a United Prayer time where we will all be gathering together to pray and you would be very welcome to join us (Thursday 7:30pm to 9:00pm). Alternatively please contact your community group to see if you can join in with them. If you still can’t find a session that fits your schedule you could try phoning a friend who is already booked in to see if you can join them, or contact the church office and we can ask people if they'd be willing to share slots.

How do I get into the building?
You will be e-mailed before the event with an individual code to enter into the panel next to the side doors (the ones down the steps) which will unlock the doors for you. You may need to repeat this at the next set of doors. Please remember the # symbol before the number is essential if you are to open the door.
When you enter and leave please pull the door closed behind you and check that it has locked. The code will only work for your timings, however you can always leave the building at any time.

Car parking:

  • If your slot is between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm (office hours) then please park in Asda and use the side entrance - please don't park in the waiting area outside the Community Wing as you will get a ticket.
  • If your slot is between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am (overnight) then your code will open the car park gate and door - please feel free to make use of this.

Where do I go to pray?
Room 4&5: As you enter the building by the side door, head straight ahead through one set of double doors, along the corridor ahead of you and the room will be on your right. Between the hours of 11pm and 6am this second set of double doors will also be locked. The same code will work for this door as for the outside one.

What if no one turns up for the slot after me?
Sometimes people run late…feel free to leave when your slot has finished.

What do I pray for and what will be in the room?
Inside the room there will different areas with ideas of what you could pray for.

Will I be the only person in the room?
Whoever books the hour slot is responsible for it. You are welcome to pray alone or with friends and family or your community group.

Will there be other people in the building?
During office hours staff will normally be in the building. Outside of office hours there may be other users in the building.

How do I change the slot I am booked in for?
Contact Andi ot Claire in the office on 01202 299628 or anorthrop@citygatechurch.net or office@citygatechurch.net. and we will be able to assist you

Can I pray from home?
We would really encourage you to come to the centre as the space has been designed to help you pray. If, however, this isn’t possible for you, we would of course be delighted that you pray from home, but please do not book a slot as this will prevent someone else from using the space at that time.

In the event of an emergency! (Fire, Water Leak, Medical Emergency)
During office hours, please come across to the office or ring 01202 299628. Out of hours, Student housing next door always have someone on site and they can assist if required.