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We work very closely with Commission in our work together as a family of churches:


Citygate Church has been becoming increasingly involved in India over the last few years.

Guy Miller (one of Citygate's elders) supports and oversees the Commission churches in India. Guy has built a strong team of Indian church leaders around him, and visits there once or twice a year with a team from the UK, who go to strengthen the church leaders with teaching, provide input to the churches and valuable fellowship. There are a number of ministries to the poor which have been established in the Indian churches including work amongst those with HIV/AIDS, a residential home for the elderly, and many other smaller church based ministries.

On many occasions we have had the pleasure of Indian church leaders come over to Bournemouth and our Westpoint event.

We sense that God is building many bridges between Citygate Church and different areas of India, and we are hoping that more church members will go and be involved there, both short and long term. A number of members of Citygate church have been to Mumbai and surrounding areas for short term visits.

In the south of India we are involved in a church-based work in a rural area of Tamil Nadu. Three brothers are continuing the work of their parents, who were pioneer missionaries in this unreached area of the hills. They have established and are growing two churches, and overseeing a large community development project including an agricultural initiative and large school.

The school was built from scratch and to start with served just 12 children. Now the school is self-sustaining with over 600 pupils who come from all over the local villages to attend. There is also a children's home to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Mumbai.jpg Mumbai by day by A Kap


For some years now we have been building relationships with Newfrontiers churches in Portugal.

Andrew Shore came to the UK from Portugal and spent two years training at Citygate Church before returning to Portugal with his wife Lucy. They have been working with his parents who have been living and starting churches in Portugal for many years. They have started a church in Porto, and are seeing a small group of believers gather there already.

 Portugal 2011 By Hom26

Other nations:

Our heart and vision is to see people released into where God is calling them. We have connections and support work in other nations through Commission. This includes the Middle East, Latin America and the US. To find out more information, contact the office or have a look at the Commission website. 

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