The challenge

There are many challenges that lie before the church as we look at the world today…for example; here are just a few statistics…

  • There are 16,404 people groups in the world
  • 6,649 have never heard of Jesus - this is equivalent to 3.08 billion people
  • Over 830 million people live on <$1.25 per day
  • 1,400 people die each hour without ever hearing the gospel.
  • The GDP of the 48 poorest nations is less than the combined income of the three richest individuals in the world
  • While progress has been made in the reduction of poverty, many millions still live in chronic hunger and do not have access to safe water. 

These are just a few statistics showing the extent of the need for the Gospel and reduction of poverty around the world. The Church is the means that can bring the lasting transformation that is needed.

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