Citygate is part of Commission - an international family of churches working together to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations.

Led by Guy Miller and his team, Commission is a family of churches that are part of Newfrontiers and includes churches in the UK, India, Portugal, Spain and other nations.

These churches actively work together to see God's kingdom advance through church planting, raising leaders, going to the nations, reaching the unreached and working with the poor.

As a part of Commission we believe we can achieve more together than we can apart and are passionate about forging new paths in the UK and abroad, and equipping people in their lives.

To do this Commission actively works to develop relationships between churches and support each other through a variety of events throughout the year.

A key event is Westpoint where thousands gather together to learn, love and go.

Find out more about Commission at and about Newfrontiers at